About Us

Welcome to the Sub Ohm Plaza. Here you will find all the tools you need to either find what you're looking for, or sell those unwanted items. Our specially designed site is optimized for use on your pc, tablet, or cell phone. So, no matter where you're located, you are only fingertips away from searching, selling, or managing your account.

Thank you for taking a look and we hope you will take advantage of the free buying and selling portal on this website. The idea for this site was conceived after many of us trying to sell our vaping products on auction sites and other market place only to get or ads de-listed by the website owners.

This market place has been created so buyers and sellers can carry out their transactions. We take no responsibilities for advertised products on this site. Sellers post ads and buyers buy directly from the seller. We do however, advise buyers and sellers to use merchant services that offer buyer and seller protection such as Paypal to carry out their transactions if not exchanging in person.

Sub Ohm Plaza website offers Paypal integration on our site. The site also offers a feedback system in order to identify top rated sellers and buyers. Please remember to leave a feedback after you have completed your transaction. We also do not allow items that are illegal to sell. If illegal items are found to be listed, we will delete the listing and possibly ban the user from using our site.

It is your responsibility to ensure items are permitted to be sold legally. If selling internationally, the law of both country should be adhered to. The site is at its early stage, so if you would like to help out please do get in touch using our contact us page or the Vape Forum.

Happy browsing, bidding, selling and discussing!